Gavin’s First Game

It's already three weeks into the college football season, but today was the first time Gavin experienced a game. Florida State started off with a bye week and last week's game wasn't televised. Today, FSU beat Chattanooga 46-7! Yay!

We invited Grandpa and Aunt Kristen over for a football party and Gavin was more than excited to provide sideline entertainment. He was also a little eager to get his hands on all our food!

Go long!


FSU Chat 2

Did you see that, Aunt Kristen? Yeah, it was an awesome catch!


FSU Chat 3

What's the score, Grandpa?


FSU Chat 4

Gavin needs to work on his tough-guy linebacker face.


FSU Chat 5

Gavin wore the official Nike Seminoles jersey – just like the players wear. Number six is worn by Antone Smith who made two touchdowns today!


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