Gavin’s 2nd Birthday Weekend Extravaganza – part 1

2010 January 01 beach 13

Shortly after seeing those two lines on the home pregnancy test back in April of 2007, I calculated the baby’s due date and immediately felt like apologizing to little Chickpea when I realized he or she would likely be born within a week of Christmas Day. I was a bit relieved when Christmas came and went, and Gavin ended up being born in January. Still, having a birthday so close Christmas can be quite anticlimactic and I never want him to feel gipped on his birthday or wish he had been born another time of the year when kids get more attention on their birthdays. Simply showering him with more gifts barely more than a week after Christmas doesn’t seem very special so I thought it would be better to take Gavin somewhere special each year for his birthday.

For his second birthday, seeing how much he loves Finding Nemo and is so happy just to watch the fish swim in the tank at the doctor’s office, we decided to take him to one of North Carolina’s aquariums. Yesterday, we headed out on I-40 to the aquarium at Fort Fisher. The aquarium is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean near Wilmington so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show Gavin the ocean for the first time.

Gavin loved walking in the sand. North Carolina sand is much coarser than the Florida sand we’re used to and is much easier to walk on.


Man, that’s a big bath tub.

2010 January 01 beach 02


I wonder how many truck squirter toys I could fit in this tub…

2010 January 01 beach 03


It just boggles my mind…

2010 January 01 beach 04


Gavin thinks standing on one leg is funny…

2010 January 01 beach 05


Anything for that sweet smile…

2010 January 01 beach 06


Mommy probably shouldn’t be doing things like this anymore, but I can’t resist the joyful smiles and exhuberant laughter “flying” creates!

2010 January 01 beach 07


Gavin’s laughter is by far my favorite sound in the whole wide world. 🙂

2010 January 01 beach 08


Gmummy and Aunt Kristen came along for Gavin’s special day. Here, he almost tolerates a group shot…

2010 January 01 beach 09


Swinging with Mommy and Daddy…

2010 January 01 beach 10


OK, now it’s Daddy’s turn…

2010 January 01 beach 11



2010 January 01 beach 12


Family of three-and-a-half…

2010 January 01 beach 14


Off to find the aquarium… blog entry coming up next…

2010 January 01 beach 15


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