Gavin’s 2nd Birthday Weekend Extravaganza – part 2

2010 January 02 aquarium 09

After a brief stop at the beach, we proceeded to aquarium. The aquarium at Fort Fisher, one of three on North Carolina’s coast, primarily features plants and animals found in the Cape Fear coastal waterways. As soon as we walked into the conservatory, Gavin ran to the first big tank, pointing and giggling at the fish swimming inside.


I think he could have watched that one tank for an hour!


… but there was so much more to discover!

2010 January 02 aquarium 22


Days like this are documented in still photography and motion pictures, as usual.


The staff must have been anticipating Gavin’s arrival…

2010 January 02 aquarium 04


Inside, there more many more tanks with lots of smaller fishies.


… and BIG tanks… with lots of big fishies!


This smile rarely left his face. We definitely made the right choice by taking him to an aquarium!

2010 January 02 aquarium 08


Aunt Kristen gave him a boost to gaze at the reef tank.

2010 January 02 aquarium 11


Nemo fish!


This is one of my favorite shots of the day. He’s so calm and almost contemplative. So few things can quietly keep his attention like this!


Of course, Gavin had to point to almost every fish in every tank… just in case we didn’t notice one.

2010 January 02 aquarium 15


In awe…

2010 January 02 aquarium 17


I’ll just wait here, Mom and Dad. You can pick me up in a week.

2010 January 02 aquarium 18


Back out in the conservatory, we tried to convince Gavin to take a nice group shot with Mommy and Daddy.


He gave Gmummy a quick smile before Mommy and Daddy were quite ready…


… and was off. You snooze, you lose. I’m outta here!


We tried again outside…

2010 January 02 aquarium 23


… but I’ll happily settle for a giggling boy getting raspberries from his daddy!

2010 January 02 aquarium 24


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