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2010 September 06 football 06

The first Saturday in September is one of my favorite days of the year: it's the start of college football season! For the fourth straight year, I'm doing my best to brainwash my boys into becoming huge fans of the Florida State Seminoles because, really, what's the point of rooting for anyone not wearing garnet and gold?!

2010 September 06 football 04

This Saturday's game was especially exciting because it was the beginning of a new era at FSU, the first game in over thirty years without Bobby Bowden as the head coach. The Noles totally rocked and beat Samford 59-6 (yeah, yeah, I know it was just a cupcake team, but it was still exciting!).

2010 September 06 football 05

2010 September 06 football 03

The game was televised on a channel we don't get, so we watched at Aunt Kristen's house while she was out of town. Jeff worked (how convenient for the football loather!) and Gavin spent most of the day with Gmummy, so Jasper watched his first game alone with Mommy. I use the word "watched" loosely because he wasn't paying any attention to the television during the first quarter and slept for the entire second quarter (the most exciting part of the game – 35 points scored!).

2010 September 06 football 02

Gavin and Gmummy arrived during the second half but the boys still weren't interested in the game. I haven't lost hope yet, though. It's a long season and I still have plenty of time to turn them into FSU fanatics! 🙂

2010 September 06 football 01

Jasper takes advantage of the quarterback's momentary lapse in concentration to force a fumble…

2010 September 06 football 07

2010 September 06 football 08


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