Bah Halloweenbug

Jim Halpert, from the television show The Office, and I share the same views on Halloween. We both fail to muster an ounce of enthusiasm for the holiday, though I admit that it's much more tolerable with kids. Gavin is old enough to understand Halloween now and select his own costume, but I asserted my parental authority this year by dressing the boys in my choice of Jim Halpert-inspired costumes for a quick photoshoot one afternoon several days before Halloween.

In addition to showing these "Three-Hole Punch Jim" and "Dave" costumes on the blog, I'll share the behind-the-scenes scoop of how difficult it is to get any type of planned photo of the boys. It's always … an adventure!

First, we brought them out to the front porch and they were thrilled as always to have their pictures taken. By the time I got this first amazing shot, we had already been on the porch for a while trying to get them to merely stand near each other and needed to give Jasper a cup to distract his hands so his feet would stay in one place!

2011 December 09 jim 01

Yeah, this is going really well! Bored Gavin and whiney Jasper…

2011 December 09 jim 02

Then, Jasper tripped while Gavin was holding onto him to keep him from walking away.

2011 December 09 jim 03

Still thrilled, but now red-faced and tear-stained as well…

2011 December 09 jim 04

… but laughing two seconds later! Yep, typical Jasper!

2011 December 09 jim 05

OK, Jasper is finally content and stationary, but Gavin decides to be goofy…

2011 December 09 jim 06

… and jump around. Meanwhile, the cup is no longer enough entertainment for Jasper so we give him my camera lens cap, too.

2011 December 09 jim 07

Phew! Got one!

2011 December 09 jim 08


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