Lucky 7

September has finally arrived! Summer is finally over! The reasons to be joyful about this season change are too numerous to list, but the start of football season certainly ranks near the top. So, we bring to you, the fifth annual football blog entry! This year, the Seminoles started the season ranked #7 so we’re hoping that’s good luck for a great season! We’re two weeks into the season already, but I’m behind posting blog entries, as usual, and these were taken the night before the first game.

This is the fifth year for the #6 jersey. Gavin wore it three years in a row and this is Jasper’s second year wearing Antone Smith’s old number. Jasper LOVES wearing his jersey. He was upset when I told him he couldn’t wear it to church the following morning.

Gavin wears #7 for Christian Ponder, of course. Here’s his best touchdown victory pose … or there was a bird on the roof.

Jasper continues his annual habit of eating the ball. I don’t see any yellow flags, but this doesn’t seem like a strategic play.

Touchdown, Seminoles!

Gavin still needs to work on catching the ball…

Gazing into the distance, dreaming of the perfect season … or still admiring that bird.


3 Responses to Lucky 7

  1. ppnwc says:

    OMG, Jeff, laughed out loud over this one. So cute! Hope one day to meet your boys. Sarah due any day with Anabel. Go Noles. Now #5!!!

  2. dhighsmith says:

    Go team, go!

  3. fsu1998 says:

    I don’t like this blog entry, I LOVE it!! GO SEMINOLES!!!

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