A Morning at the Museum

Several days before Christmas, the four and us spent the morning downtown taking photos around the capitol, visiting the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, and eating lunch at The Pit.

I asked the boys to stand in front of the sign. Of course, their interpretation of my simple instruction was slightly different…

Inside the museum, the boys demonstrate their immense talent at taking posed photographs. I don’t like to attempt posed photos, of course, and prefer to capture the action instead, but they were so quickly moving from exhibit to exhibit that I had to stop them a few times so that they weren’t motion blurs in every shot.

The frog exhibit was among their favorites…

We’ve visited the museum several times over the years, but not since the new Nature Research Center opened across the street. The enclosed pedestrian bridge across Salisbury Street was another highlight for the boys.

Gavin was excited to see his reflection in the mirrored hubcap inside this tire.

Not sure how these guys work this way. I would be so annoyed by having strangers gawk at me while trying to work all day long!

Jasper thought this man looked sad and kept hugging his leg.

The boys always love the butterfly conservatory on the top floor. The butterflies loved Jasper on this day and kept landing on his jacket. Fortunately, we didn’t arrive back home at the end of the day with any new pets.



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