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Gavin will soon be chomping M&Ms – he now has teeth! Today, while changing his diaper in the car in the Babies R Us parking lot (nice setting for such a momentous occasion, eh?), the little goober smiled at me and I first noticed two little tooth buds on his bottom gum line. The left tooth is in just bit more than the right so it probably broke through a day or two ago. Click on the photo above to see the little teeth in all their glory!

We have no idea how he’s hitting milestones like this early. Both Jeff and I cut our first teeth around 6 1/2 to 7 months old and here Gavin is a week shy of 5 months. Aside from being a little more clingy and adopting a high-pitched whine in the past week, we didn’t suspect that he was teething. The flood gates of drool opened over two months ago so that was nothing new. He’s still sleeping through the night and isn’t crying any more than usual. He really is such an easy baby!

Sitting - medium

In other Gavin news, he is able to sit for 5-10 seconds unattended now. It’s fun to watch him start to lean to one side and he’s strong enough to correct himself by pulling himself upright again. We still always keep one hand an inch away so he won’t hurt himself by falling over too hard. We (Gavin included, I’m sure!) are looking forward to the day when he can sit and play with his toys. He loves to do that now while we hold him up.