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Jasper’s Morning Debriefing

Jasper spent the morning with Gmummy on a quest to buy flowers at Lowe’s and a street-side market followed by some playtime with Grandpa. This is his recollection of the morning, performed in typical Jasper fashion:

A few notes:

  • Apparently, Jeff goes to Home Depot more often than Lowe’s since he couldn’t recall the store name.
  • Jasper calls the Cozy Coupe a “Cozy Cooper.”
  • We recently gave our “Cozy Cooper” to the preschool where Gavin’s teacher is Ms. Shannon.
  • Whenever Gavin doesn’t approve of something that someone else does, he points his finger and says he’s going to take that person to jail. Jasper has adopted this admonishment but, still, none of us know what Grandpa did to cross him this morning.
  • We place the pillows against the boys’ doors after they go to sleep to deter the cats from scratching but they also seem to come in handy when Jasper is in the hallway being … well … Jasper.

Playdoh Duet

This week has been Playdoh Obsession Week at our house. We’ve had Playdoh for years and they’ve played with it occasionally, but they suddenly can’t get enough of it this week. They even started singing an impromptu song about Playdoh…


Feel the Burn!

This is what happens when you off-handedly say to Jeff, “Make sure that Jasper gets some exercise today.” He queues up vintage Jane Fonda workout videos from YouTube on the iPad.

Jingle Bells

I have a large backlog of blog entries to write (Thanksgiving hasn’t even been blogged yet! Yikes!) but, no, this video isn’t part of the plan to catch up on the past three months. This is actually Jasper singing Jingle Bells in February – Valentine’s Day, to be exact. This is one of many undercover videos I’ve taken of the boys because they’ll stop whatever activity I’m attempting to capture if they knew I was eavesdropping.

Criss-Cross Applesauce

Here’s a video of Gavin doing what he likes best: telling his little brother what to do (sit “criss-cross applesauce” and flap their “butterfly legs,” in this case).

And Jasper is doing what he likes best: doing whatever his big brother does.

It’s really a win-win situation.