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Nothing makes me happier than seeing Gavin and Jasper playing nicely together. They bicker, annoy, and yell at each other a LOT so when they spend HOURS playing together without fighting like they did yesterday, it is truly a momentous occasion. They had been playing in Jasper’s room for a while (because Gavin lets Jasper play in his room … well … never) when I heard them talking in my office. I eavesdropped on them and realized they had heard a noise that they thought was made by a monster and that is where this video begins. Turn up your volume a little in the beginning to hear their voices off camera…

In case you can’t hear the beginning, Gavin says, “It’s not a monster.” Jasper replies, “Then, what is it?” And Gavin answers, “It’s just something with a hole in it. It’s not a monster. C’mon! Let’s keep ourselves safe.” I still don’t know what they thought was the monster!

Then, I just kept recording because they’re so gosh darn cute and I wish I could watch the Gavin And Jasper Reality Show all the time when they’re getting along and being so adorable together! Jasper is a little parrot imitating everything his big brother does and Gavin enjoys being in charge way too much!

Handwashing Song

Gavin learned this handwashing song at preschool and sings it every time he washes his hands at home now. He usually concludes his bathroom routine by singing, “Dry dry dry dry… Dry dry dry dry…” to the same Frere Jacques tune as he dries his hands.

In case you have trouble understanding him, these are the words:

Tops and bottoms, tops and bottoms

In between, in between

All around my hands, all around my hands

Makes them clean, makes them clean


Tiny Roos Finale

Last Friday was Gavin’s last Tiny Roos class at North Raleigh Gymnastics. The video was recorded by Jeff the week prior and is a great summary of almost everything he does in class. The final class was held during “Show Off Week” and family members could attend to see everything the kids learned over the past year. Jeff, Gmummy, and Jasper attend class every Friday with Gavin, and GGma and I were both able to attend the final class as well. Gavin had a four-generation support group! GGma really enjoyed watching the class and admitted she was exhausted from watching six kids when the 45-minute class was over!

2011 June 09 gym 01

2011 June 09 gym 02

Each week, the first part of class is led by Mr. Brandon. He leads the kids across the floor mat by running forwards, backwards, hopping, and bear-walking. Of course, the kids’ favorite part is jumping into the foam pit when they reach the other side of the mat! Those gymnastics floor mats are very springy and fun to run and bounce on, by the way. I wish all of the floors in our house were made like gymnastics floors!

2011 June 09 gym 03

After their warm-up, the kids have circle time on the floor mat with Ms. Gayle. She leads them through stretching exercises and uses various types of make-believe so that they don’t realize that they’re actually stretching! Ms. Gayle is wonderful and Gavin loves her!

2011 June 09 gym 04

2011 June 09 gym 05

2011 June 09 gym 06

When the kids are all limbered up, they run several circuits that are different each week. The first circuit usually involves climbing over large foam cushions, forward rolls, hand stands against a cushion, kangaroo kicks, hop scotch, and other gymnastic activities. The second circuit is always by the balance beams and a third circuit was added in recent months since the kids learn so quickly now! The third circuit always includes at least one spring board and several other gymnastic exercises.

2011 June 09 gym 07

2011 June 09 gym 09

Run and jump on the springboard!

2011 June 09 gym 10

2011 June 09 gym 11

2011 June 09 gym 12

The final fifteen minutes of class is free time. Gavin’s favorite activities are walking on balance beams and jumping on the tumble track.

Free time on the tumble track…

2011 June 09 gym 13

… balance beams …

2011 June 09 gym 14

2011 June 09 gym 15

2011 June 09 gym 17

… and trampoline!

2011 June 09 gym 16

At the end of the final class, everyone gathered around to watch the kids receive class completion certificates and medals. Their names were called one by one and each received an individual round of applause. It was so wonderful that they each had special recognition.

2011 June 09 gym 18

2011 June 09 gym 19

Gavin progressed so much in the past year at Tiny Roos, both physically and socially. He adores Ms. Gayle and Mr. Brandon, and  offers up high fives on his own now! When he started class, he was afraid to do a forward roll and usually did a log roll instead. He now executes a perfect forward roll and loves to do them! These are great classes for kids to learn body awareness and the staff is just incredible. They love kids and it shows!

Gavin’s “forward roll” back in September…

2011 June 09 gym 24

… and in June!

2011 June 09 gym 08

This year, Tiny Roos was a parent-and-child class where Daddy or Gmummy were right by his side the entire time. The three-year-old class, Tumble Roos (the gym mascot is a kangaroo, hence all the “roo” class names), begins in August and is an independent class so we’ll just watch from the lobby behind the glass. We all can’t wait until the end of August so we can head back to the gym every week for class!

2011 June 09 gym 22

2011 June 09 gym 23

The 2010/2011 Friday morning Tiny Roos class: Mr. Brandon and Ms. Gayle with (left to right) Will, Gavin, Charlie, Anna Rose, Corbin and Metta.

2011 June 09 gym 20

2011 June 09 gym 21